Faeruin Basic World Info

Faeruin is a world surrounding by mists. The mists are a blessing and a curse. You see everything is mutable within the mists. Rules that applied one minute change the next. Time flows oddly. Creatures change shape. Power is magnified. Logic is baffled. The mists are a blessing. The mists are a curse.

Faeruin has been ruled for eons by the long lived races. Fey came from the mist. Fey rule the mist. Noble houses from the varying feyfolk do not see eye to eye. High elves hold court, haughty and proud. Dark elves are strongly militaristic and enjoy a bustling economy. The vampire court stands alone in their views, but are too powerful to be ignored. There is also the free association of fey folk and nature populated.

Legend tells of other more Wild fey that dwell amongst the mists.

Elementals, shapeshifters, alchemists, and slaves can all be seen in most cities within Faeruin.

North = High Elves (LN)
South = Free Association (Good)
East = Drow (LE)
West = Vampires (CE)

Central Landmass = Human/Humanoid population center

The greenskins have a large slave trade hub in the midst of the central landmass.

Faeruin Basic World Info

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